Tuesday, August 31, 2010

variety of sweets

baby's 1st birthday cake:  
i was asked by my pastor's wife if i wanted to make the cake & sweets for her 2nd daugther's 1st birthday & of course i jumped at the chance to do it! this was the first time i attempted to work with fondant so i was definitely nervous about how the end product will come out. i wasn't completely satisfied about how it turned out, but i should be thankful that it didn't come out disastrous right? it was a 3 layer red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting, but covered in vanilla buttercream. i definitely have to work on smoothing out the cake. as for the fondant i should've thinned it out more so the flowers look more realistic, but not having the right tools, i just worked with what i had. 

the sweets table:
i made 2 different flavored cake pops: red velvet & chocolate that were both dipped in white chocolate. i also made the rice crispy pops, which again was my first time making. the only trouble i had making these were where to place them to dry! they were all over the dining table in like every plate i could find in my kitchen! i even tried sticking them in colanders that were suggested by other bakers. so i went out & bought a colander, but found out those sticks don't fit in all the holes! i think i only got one of of pops on that colander. so before you buy a new colander, make sure the holes are big enough! if you're like me & always end up getting the wrong size or your instincts are wrong, i would suggest taking a pop stick & trying them out in the store! overall, it was a great learning experience & i'm thankful that i had an opportunity to do this.

practicing with sugar cookies: 
decorating sugar cookies are a lot of fun, but it definitely requires a lot of time & the more details equals more time! these are some basic things i was trying to practice on like outlining & flooding the cookie with royal icing. if you google sugar cookies, you'll find that there are some really talented people with steady hands! if you have a big order of sugar cookies, get ready for some body ache! your hands start to cramp, back starts to hurt, & your neck too! but when you look at the end product, you'll feel accomplished & it's all worth it. well, for me at least. 

3 layer birthday cake:
this may have been the first time i attempted to make a 3 layer cake. it was vanilla cake with lemon curd filling, fresh raspberries, lemon cream cheese frosting, coated with vanilla buttercream. how yummy is that? i was definitely happy with how it turned out. i didn't want to decorate the cake too crazy because i knew the birthday girl wasn't into that stuff & i think going simple was the best choice. i remember when i went out to buy candles i couldn't find the standard kinds so i was pretty bummed & opted for these tall ones, but who knew they would make the cake look even better? i really love this picture because i feel like i'm there at that moment again in the darkness of the room & glowing candles. we actually celebrated her birthday at a restaurant & they turned off the lights for us when we sang happy birthday! how awesome is that?

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