Thursday, September 2, 2010

sweets for a baby shower

i've been asked many times how to make those cake pops, so here's a little post about them that i made for a baby shower. i'm sorry i don't have more pictures to share, but i'm not a pro that can do one thing with one hand & take a picture in another. i'm so bad at taking pictures already so i don't even want to try, but next time i'm making them i'll try really hard!

the 2 main ingredients that you'll need is a baked cake (whichever cake flavor you desire) & cream cheese frosting. after baking the cake you want to cool it & then crumble it in a big bowl.

then you add the cream cheese frosting. i don't have an exact amount i use every time, but try and do a test run of rolling a small amount into a ball. if that ball seems crumbly then you probably need to add more frosting. if it holds its shape pretty well you're good to go. 

how big you want the cake pop to be depends on you. i usually use a kitchen scale just to know that they're all the same size, but i know some people just eyeball it. it's totally up to you. after rolling them all into balls i put them in the refrigerator for a few minutes just so that it can harden a little into its shape. while you have them in the refrigerator you can then melt your chocolate. for this batch i used white chocolate because i was going to add food color later. after you have the chocolate melted, dip the sticks maybe about 1cm deep into the chocolate & then poke it through the cake balls. i usually go down until the sticks hit the bottom. 

(no sugar for meeko!)

after poking all of them with the sticks i let them sit for a few minutes so that the chocolate hardens & so the sticks won't fall out. then you're ready to dip! i usually dip them once & tap the stick on the edge of the cup so the excess chocolate comes off. 

& here's the finished product!

& some mini cupcakes i made too! 

here's a picture of the whole dessert table! with the combined effort of the lovely ladies at church! they're so talented! 

again, i'm really sorry for the lack of description & horrible explanation, but i promise to have more detailed pictures next time!