Monday, September 13, 2010

a sweet weekend

over the past weekend i was busy baking for my very first customers! i was so excited to receive their orders & especially to bake some cute sweets! 

one of the orders was for a friend who was having a small get together with her co-workers & asked if i could make some cake pops with a school theme. i immediately thought of an apple cake pop that i remembered seeing on bakerella's site & decided to try them out. the instructions are basically the same as making a regular cake pop, but after shaping them into a round ball i pinched the sides a little & flattened the top to look like an apple. for the decorations, i used a pretzel for the stem as well, but for the leaf, instead of a sprinkle, i cut green jelly beans in half. right after dipping the cake balls in the chocolate you want to poke the pretzel in the cake pop & lay the jelly bean on top so the decorations will dry with the chocolate.

(while i was making these i couldn't help, but sing the song "apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur...")

the second order was for a baby shower. for this one i made cake pops & mini cupcakes again, but the mini cupcakes were topped with candy pacifiers. they are basically made with two mint life savers & a jelly bean. you can find the instructions at martha stewart. 

it was my first time making the apple cake pops & candy pacifiers so it was definitely a fun weekend!

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