Tuesday, September 7, 2010

a mustache party

lately i've been seeing a lot of couples using mustache props at their weddings so i was thinking, why not make mustache cake pops! the idea couldn't have come at a better time because my friend's birthday was coming up & it was something she would definitely like. i was super excited to try this out, but nervous at the same time because i never attempted to make shaped cake pops before. while i was making them, i could understand why people don't make them as often. they're very time consuming & they just aren't as easy to work with as regular round balls. here's a few things i found tricky about them: 1) putting the stick on one instead of the middle meant that the weight was sifted to the right so the cake pop was imbalanced 2) the cake pop came out huge because i couldn't shake off the excess chocolate. if i shook it too much the cake pop easily broke in half 3) i couldn't think of a way to dry them. if i dried them like regular cake pops they wouldn't stand straight because their weight wasn't balanced on the stick. i ended up placing them upside down, but they left the top of the mustache looking flat.

it was a big challenge, but i'm glad it was accomplished! they were great props to take pictures with, but even better because we were able to eat them after! the birthday girl totally loved it! 

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